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aquarius front viewAquarius Nursing Home is located in a delightful setting just a stone's throw from Southsea seafront and the common

Providing 24-7 nursing care to a maximum of 38 residents, Aquarius Nursing Home specializes in the care and comfort of those with dementia or similar mental-health conditions.
This means that our staff work tirelessly to provide long-term or respite care for elderly, mentally-ill people who require a specialized and supportive home where we can blend the medical needs of their condition with the opportunities to maintain a relatively independent and tranquil day-to-day quality of life.

aquarius conservatoryAccommodation
  • The lounges and shared areas of the Home are safe, spacious and comfortable, with the recent addition of a delightful, east-facing conservatory to capture warm, morning sunshine. For their own accommodation, most residents enjoy the comfort of a fully-furnished single room where they can be surrounded by their own, familiar personal and family items. All are centrally connected to a resident call-alert system which will bring a member of staff quickly to their assistance when required. Rooms are light and airy, many are en-suite, some include a connected own-use sitting room and all are warm and comfortable.

Daily Life
  • aquarius gardenThe daily life of the Nursing Home is busy and lively with a rich and varied programme of activities provided. These include bingo, quizzes, film evenings, sing-songs and regular visitors to the Home provide services such as hairdressing or manicures. Residents are encouraged to join in as much as they wish or otherwise can settle in quieter areas of the Home if they prefer. The charming, patio garden, accessed from the conservatory, provides a pleasant outdoor space in the summer months, and is popular with those who prefer their own company or a quieter, more relaxing day or who might like to entertain family or friends who've come to visit.
Dining and Menus
  • aquarius dining areaFor residents who like to take their meals with their friends or with visiting family or relatives, the dining area is close to the kitchen so meals that are freshly prepared by our professional chef and the catering team make a short journey from cooking to being served. Alternatively, residents are able to take meals in their rooms if this is their preference, or on a fine summer's day, lunch can be served outside in the garden. All duty staff are on hand at mealtimes to provide assistance to those who need it to ensure that a healthy, balanced and nuitritional diet is available for everyone
Specialized Living Assistance
  • Aquarius Nursing Home is especially equipped to provide nursing care for elderly residents with dementia or other mental-health related conditions. Our staff are very experienced in dealing with the sometimes highly demanding living assistance needs of some of our residents and we make a special effort to ensure that even in such challenging circumstances, the safety, dignity and respect for the seniority of our residents is upheld at all times. We can provide support to relatives who may find the condition of their loved one upsetting or distressing, especially as it worsens, and if appropriate, we can facilitate access to counselling services for those who are need a more professional level of support.
queen anne lodge southseaQuality Care Management Care Homes
Aquarius Nursing Home together with our sister home, Queen Anne Lodge also located in Southsea just a short distance from Aquarius, are Quality Care Management / Living Health Plus care homes and more about the parent company's profile, philosophy, vision and responsibility to duty of care will be available on this page soon.